SSRS 2016 Browsing/API very slow

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Since moving an existing SSRS server to an Azure VM we get extremely slow performance when opening to browse reports.


Devtools shows 2 calls to the API are taking 25s+ to respond - ServiceState and Me. When we call the API direct for those 2 (e.g. <servername>/reports/api/v1.0/ServiceState) they are both the same - very slow. They return a 200 response, so are working ok, and once you've logged in browsing around is fine.


The reports themselves run well, and if we skip the API and just browse to ReportServer it's fast.


The only thing that has changed on the server is the IP when it moved to Azure - there are no other new firewall rules/ACLs/etc in place.


Has anyone had this issue or can shed some light on this?

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