SSMS 19.3 Registered Servers

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On my VM I open up 2 sessions of SSMS; 1 to Prod and 1 to Dev.  In the first session I open, I can see all my registered servers, including the folders I've organized them into; Dev, QC and Prod.  In the 2nd session of SSMS I don't see the same set of registered servers, and don't see any of the folders I've created.  I've even closed all instances of SSMS and re-opened them, but I still get the same experience.  So why does the first session I connect to show all the folders and registered servers but the second session shows me something completely different?  I'm running SSMS  The attached pic shows my issue.


Thanks in advance

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Such settings are stored in the Windows (local) account profile.
Are you using the same Windows logon for both?

@olafhelperYes, it's on the same VM.  I open one session then the other, back to back.