SSMA for Oracle - have to reenter password

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I am using SSMA for Oracle and am prompted to the passwords for each connection when I select "migrate data," even after establishing the connection when I first open the project. I have converted all the schemas already and am just migrating data now. An example of the steps I take can be found below:


  1. Open Project
  2. Connect to Oracle
  3. Connect to SQL Server
  4. Do work / configuration for schema(s)
  5. Select schema 
  6. Select "Migrate Data"


After I select Migrate Data the window to enter the password for oracle pops up, and after I enter that, the window to enter the password for SQL Server pops up. Only after I enter those will it migrate the data.


Does anyone know why this is happening? The documentation says that the connection should stay alive until the project is closed or I choose to disconnect.

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