SSIS Performance issue uisng Oracle 19c client

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My SSIS package takes around 20+ minutes with Oralce 19c client.  The same package was taking around 4 min. with 12.1.  

Earlier to I noticed issue with 12.2  and saw that is know bug - OraOLEDB 12.2, which has memory issue ( Oracle Support) .  


Please anybody face similar isuse?




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@SanNa1910 we have the same issue.  It is currently holding us back from upgrading the Oracle client off of 12.1 and moving to new SQL Server 2019 servers from 2016.  We have at least 600 packages that used the Oracle OLE DB connection to pull data from Oracle to SQL Server.  I would love a resolution to this.

@Mark_Strait  Please contact Oracle support. it was resolved for us by applying Patching after 19c update.

@SanNa1910  Can you detail which patch you applied?

@Mark_Strait We seems to face the exact same issue. Did you get any information what kind of patch this is and where it can be downloaded?

We received patch from Oracle support which I am about to download and to have a look. It is a bit unclear for now if it has to be applied to the client and/or database.


We ran into exact same issue with Oracle 19C client. Applying this patch took our SSIS package execution times from ~16 hours to 1 hour!! 

@SreekanthB : 

Did you apply the patch on database side or client side. 

We have same the problem and despite applying patch on client side , our execution didn't return to original duration. when we use 12.1 client.



Basit Khan

On the client side(SQL Box) where we had our SSIS packages running.