SSIS package failed collation issue.

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Hi Experts,


SSIS package failed collation issue. (Cannot resolve the collation conflict between latin1_general_cs_ks_ws and latin1_general_ci_ks_ws . unable to find which table and coulmn causing this issue,. Need Help




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You'll get this problem when your user databases have a different collation from the master database. When you make a temporary table it uses the collation from master/tempdb (which should always be the same). Then when you inner join to a table in your user database you'll get a collation error.
To fix this.
short term #1 always put collation statements on your temporary tables to match tables in your user database.
long term #2 ensure that your master/tempdb collations always match your user databases.

@Becky_York  yes able to resolve now. thanks much