SSIS Deployment VS 2017 dtsx to SQL 2008 R2

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I have a remote server running SQL 2008 R2 using SSIS dtsx packages.  I need to update the packages, but none of the tools for creating the package exists and the original support has long since retired.  So I'm successfully using Visual Studio 2017 SSDT to make and test the changes on my laptop.


When I make the changes on the mapped drive to the server I run into problems.  The first problem was resolved by changing the XML file DTS version from 6 to 3.  Now "everything executes" successfully, but nothing really executed.  Traps to send out emails don't even run.  The command line is pointing to the correct package and the package is set for 2012.


So my question ... is this an SQL or VS or deployment issue?  I'm having trouble isolating the problem.  And second has anybody else run into problems trying to deploy VS 2007 SSDT packages on 2008?


Thanks for any directions or isolation tips.

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