SSIS Deploy non 1433 port SQL Server

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The 64bit SQL server change the port to 61433

And, I try to deploy ISPAC file from SSMS or command line (ISDeploymentWizard.exe) but fail.


The error :

Failed to deploy project. For more infomation, query the operation_message view from the operation identified '742'

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904) : Fail to deploy project. ....

at System.Data.SQLClient.SqlConnection.onError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection, Action 1 wrapCloseInAction) ...


if I change back to 1433, deployment is working correctly.  Anyone has some idea?

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Hi @thomascyc --  Have you verified there isn't a firewall blocking that port?  If not, I would recommend testing connectivity using "test-netconnection -ComputerName <SQL Server Name Here> -Port 61433".  Take care.

@bake13Thanks your reply, The SSIS and MSSQL server are same server. Windows Firewall is disabled. And, tested by telnet of port 61433 is open.