SQL Server to Azure SQL options

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We need to have a copy of an on-premise SQL Server database in Azure SQL. The database has to be updated on a daily basis.  We tried with SQL Data Sync, but that database has more than 500 tables.  We saw the possibility of exporting the database as a BACPAC file and uploading it to Azure, but it looks like it better for migration purposes, and it wouldn't work for this case, considering we need to update the database daily.  


What would be a good option for what this customer needs?




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Other option is DMA = Dara Migration Assistant, but mainly a manuell process:

is it a Managed Instance or a SQL-Database? If it's the first one, you could see for LRS https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-sql/managed-instance/log-replay-service-migrate?view=a...


but ofc you could just mimic CDC via Azure Data Factory or SSIS, grabbing Deltas and moving them to the Data Base. But you would need to either pay for Azure Data Factory or have sufficient HW on prem for SSIS to schedule and run this task.


Granted, it will be a pretty big task with 500 Tables, although handleable