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Let me preface this with some details.  I wrote a report in SQL Server Reporting Services under and old version using the SSRS Design Manager some years ago.  I am now running that report in SQL Server 2019 without any problems.  However, I wanted to make some updates to the report when I discovered a problem.  In my Tablix on the Detail Row I control the Visibility property with an expression.  Now I'm using Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition with the Reporting Services Add-in.  

When I look at the report in Design View, and look at the Properties for the Tablix Detail Row, the Visibility property is showing "FALSE".  However, when I view the XML Code the expression is there: 



So I tried to copy and paste the formula into the Properties - Visibility and it accepted it and I was able to save the report.  I was also able to BUILD the report without error.  But when I tried to deploy the report to the server I received the error message: 


Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error The definition of the report '\B_v_A_Custom.rdl' is invalid. 0


Can anyone explain to me what I going on, why old reports run perfectly fine but when I try to edit them I am getting errors?   
And how to I get around this problem?



David R.

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Have you tried to use SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) instead of using Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition with the Reporting Services Add-in? SSDT is specifically designed for SSRS development and provides better compatibility with the SSRS environment.

Also, it seems a compatibility issue, so ensure that the report is using the correct compatibility level for SQL Server 2019. You can check and set the compatibility level by opening the report in Visual Studio and navigating to the "Report" menu. Then go to "Report Properties" and check the "TargetServerVersion" and "TargetServerURL" properties.

If none of this work, check the error logs on the SSRS server for more detailed information about the deployment error. The error message you provided ("Error The definition of the report '\B_v_A_Custom.rdl' is invalid") is generic and may not provide sufficient information to pinpoint the exact issue.

Hope that helps!
It is SQL Server Data Tools that I'm using. As of SSRS 2019, the SSDT is a Visual Studio add-in and not a standalone application.


As I mentioned, the odd thing is that I can deploy the old report unaltered. But once I try to make changes to it, then I get the error in Deployment. But I will check the compatibility issue in case there is something odd going on there.