Sql server modification isn't getting initialized even after installing the server instance.

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I have SQL server 2016 installed and I wish to add ssis on my pc via SQL server installation center. In the installation menu, when I click on the first option, viz, add features to an existing installation, I am not getting the prompt to choose new components. Instead, I am getting a window asking for SQL server installation media I don't know why?


I should be getting a window asking for additional features but I am getting this. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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@milapm, the "SQL Server Installation Center" is looking for the installation media, and can't find it in the location where installed it from first.

You need to select the installation media with that file browser to go on with installation.



Hi Olaf, I have tried locating that file with the media dialog box but it can't recognise thr file in the location. Somewhere in different forum I read that we have to change the file name to zip if we have downloaded the setup file from Microsoft, but it didn't work too.
The installation media is not showing the setup file to choose when I go to the file directory.

@milapm, you have a licensed installation, so you can use the free Evaluation Edition as installation media, download at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-sql-server-2016

@olafhelper, I am using the free edition only for which you have provided the link. My installation was basic with developer edition.