SQL Server Failover Clustering and HA Help!

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Hi! I desperately need help! I am working on a 2-node failover cluster of a sql server That's also configured is HA. One of the nodes has been down and offline for months.... This node cannot be brought back online.


This cluster was originally configured to use a file share witness. The file share went offline and cannot be brought back online.


I noticed that the cluster was down on the sole remaining node. I had to force-start the cluster and it successfully came online. I successfully reconfigured the quorum to use an Azure Cloud Witness for the cluster.


While the cluster is online, the 4 roles - pertaining to the 4 Availability Groups are in a "failed state." Any attempts to bring online fail. 


I am not able to login to any sql instance on this node as a result is SSMS.


I am getting the following event ids in the logs: 1069, 1205, & 1254.


Is there any hope for this? Information I've binged point to the cluster starting in a "force quorum" state - though that is not clear from what I see. 


The node that was powered off and cannot be powered back on has been evicted from the cluster. Yet, no luck.


Help!!!! Thanks!

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