SQL Server Database Project (Visual Studio 2015) - capturing Delta on each build

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I have a SQL Server Database Project in VS 2015 (targeting SQL Server 2014) - is there a way to get the Create Script file to give me the delta on each build  - for example if I made a change to a Table or other object like a Stored Procedure, I only want the ALTER DDL to be appended to the end of the Create Script file?

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@COG_1 , sure, you can run a schema compare between your current project and the "live database" or a different database project to get the changes SQL script, see

Use Schema Compare to Compare Different Database Definitions - SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) | Micros...



Thanks for the reply - yes I was aware I can do that using Schema Compare and Data Compare.


However, the question was in the context of using SQL Server Project in Visual Studio where we can generate the delta changes (via the Create Script file) in the Project?