SQL Server Configuration Manager : Reporting Service Missing

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Upon installing and setup SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services, I found out in SQL Server Configuration Manager, in SQL Service Services node, there is no SQL Reporting Services for 2017.


I have older version SQL Server 2012 with instance named MSSQLSERVER, and I can see SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER) only. Anyone can help me to suggest what should I check ?


I tried to run again the installment and Repair. After restart computer, still it doesn't show. Check on Windows Services all is running, my SQL2017 instance, Reporting Services, Integration Services running, but in Configuration Manager not appear.


The SQL Server 2017 Reporting Services Web Portal URL also working though. And had given my user Id which is the only and administrator in this notebook.


Attached is depicted of my installation from my local notebook.


There is something bothered me also since in the service, though Reporting Services looks running, I cannot justify it is the one for SQL2017 which is my SQLServer2017 instance. How to justify that ? the other one which is my older version 2012, by looking at the path, is correct but the other one, the path is different.


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @VoltesDev --


With SQL Server 2017, Reporting Services is decoupled from the SQL Server database engine and install and therefore is no longer managed using SQL Server Configuration Manager.


Management of Reporting Services service is done through the Report Server Configuration Manager.


You are correct that the Report Server executable path is different than your 2012 instance.  That is also a byproduct of Reporting Services being separated.  Take care.