SQL Server Capability Quesiton

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Is there a special SQL Server product (and is there feasibility) that could be installed on one VM and house many databases (ie Microsoft Sharepoint database, Solar Winds database, Microsoft Exchange).  Would this SQL server have capability to replicate and be backed up?

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@Lisa_Wedman , sure there is: Microsoft SQL Server

Of course you can host serveral databases on on SQL Server instance, up to 1,024.

And of course you can backup/restore database.

Replication is also available.



Thank you Olaf.  Do I need a special version of SQL (ie Enterprise Edition), also do I need to configure the environment like a SQL Server Farm or will Clustering suffice?  Are there any contingencies to this environment in a virtual platform?@olafhelper 

That mainly depends on your requirement, database sizes, count of users, workload, and much more.
You can start with the free SQL Server Express for first tests