SQL Server 2019 Software Assurance renewal.

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Its a shame I have to post here because not a single person from any contact details I have can help. 


So short story is, I work for a startup company who bought 3 x2 core SQL licences for SQL Standard 2019 a few years back spending quite a large amount of money on these.

I have gone through all the emails that were previously attached to the licencing centre, etc. and I cannot find any welcome pack from MS which is what we are suppose to have in order to be able to renew software assurance.

Its now been 2yrs+ with over a year and half of being past from pillar to post by microsoft as well as well their "trusted" 3rd party sellers to try and renew our software assurance and we still haven't been successful. 


Quite frankly, I am furious that I am having to post on to a public community forum to ask how am I suppose to renew this when everyone is passing us from pillar to post, or ignoring us for last few years and those that did answer said we had to buy new licences altogether which is a joke.


We seriously need support on our SQL AlwaysOnAG cluster but we can't get that support because we have no software assurance. 

Please can someone give me a direct contact to MS preferably in the UK so I can get this software assurance renewed asap? 0344 800 2400 doesn't work, I am not paying for a professional support plan for support when we should be paying for SA. 

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