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Can we implement RAID 5 architecture on a machine running Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 Standard edition with 1TB each, 3 SATA SSD's.


Everyday, around 350 Mb of data is pushed in the user defined databases. The application demands 5 user defined databases.


If yes, how should the database administration be carried out for this particular configuration and data size?

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SQL Server uses the logical drives Windows presents to the application. You can talk to your hardware vendor.

@Robin Shanab thanks for writing. Actually I have a business application that demands a DELL SERVER (not yet decided) and SQL SERVER 2016 Standard edition.


The existing machine (already supplied in April 2021) with s/w RAID 1 (2 HDD's 1 TB each) and SQL SERVER 2014 EXPRESS takes a lot of time to read data from the databases.


Hence I am looking into upgrading/tuning the upcoming machines in the areas of data structuring and database administration.


Can you advice on how to design the system consuming ~350 Mb of data per day in the databases.