SQL Server 2014 Silent installation

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Hi all.


I have downloaded SQL Server 2014 SP2 from the evaluation center from this link:



This installer gives the following options in the first step during the installation process:

  • Select the Evaluation version (Enterprise Evaluation)
  • Select the Express edition
  • Insert a Key/license and install the corresponding edition

I would like to use this installer in silent mode with command line parameters or a configuration file to install sometimes Express edition and sometimes Enterprise Evaluation.


After several tries, I was not able to install the Express Edition. The silent mode installation process always ends up with an Enterprise Evaluation edition installed.


It seems that the only chance to install an Express Edition is doing it manually by selecting this edition in the first step of the installation process.


Does anyone know if it is possible to install Express Edition with this Evaluation installer in silent mode?


Thanks in advance.....


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