SQL Server 2014 express Replication connect problem

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I'm using SQL Server replication.

Publisher: SQL Server 2014 Standard

Subscriber: SQL Server 2014 Express

I have successfully replicate now, but there is a problem:



There are many processes called Command-line SSH, Telnet and Relogin client appear in my task manager (SQL Server 2014 Express), I don't know why it happened?

They will grow more and more, eventually causing the memory to explode.

Can anyone help me solve it?


Thanks for your help.

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@david904229 , I have installed around houndred of SQL Server and I newer saw such process nor such a ServiceProfile folder. I don't think it's SQL Server related, even if the folder name suggest so.


Searching on Internet it's seams more related to SSH clients like PuTTY; have you installed that app?



@olafhelper Hi,


I don't have installed Putty, It's new computer and I only install SQL Server Express and Power BI Desktop in this computer.

I used Power BI to connect SQL Server Express(Subscriber) to get data that replicated by SQL Server 2014 standard(publisher).