Send data from MSSQL DB to UA server

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I would like to know if it is possible to send data from DB to UA server - change the value on the UA Server. 

Like some trigger, which checks one column in DB and when value in this column changes (there is just one row in column and the value changes) server sends/writes this changed value (int16) into the UA server tag/cell.

Is this possible to do directly in the DB system?


Thanks for advice/ explanation.

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For me your post/requirement is not clear. Why not a simple backup + restore?


Hi. What should I backup and restore?

What do I need is: I have DB where one cell can change value in time and I need to send this value directly to Siemens PLC when it changes.

But I assume it is not possible to send this value to PLC using MSSQL functions. So I want to send it to UA Server (this is the main question - is it possible?) and the PLC would read it from this server.

Third possibility for me is to write connector between MSSQL and Siemens PLC (I already have working part). But it will be better when the MSSql could solve it itself.