Restoring SQL Database

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Hi All,

Can anyone help me regarding the SQL Database Restoring Process.

Case: Server Crashed on 10th June 2020 and all files are encrypted. Nothing is accessible on the server.

Luckily we have restored the Server Image which we have taken on 5th May 2020 but we need to restore the latest database of our ERP.

We are using the SQL backup tool for the backups and we restored the Full Backup which we have taken on 5th June 2020.

Backup Plan: We are taking Differential Backups on daily basis and Full backup on weekly basis.

After restoring the Full backup as of 5th June 2020 we have Differential backups for

6th June , 7th June , 8th June and 9th June.

We tried to restore the differential backup of 6th June but we are getting the below Error

Error: This differential backup cannot be restored because the database has not been restored to the correct earlier state.

We tried to to restore the Full backup in Non Recovery Mode and then restore the differential of 6th June and it got successful but still we are facing issue when trying to restore the 7th , 8th and 9th June.

Kindly tell me the correct procedure for the restoration.

Thanks in advance.
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You had to restore the Full backup WITH NO Recovery and instead of applying 6th June differential you could have directly applied the 9th of June differential backup WITH Recovery.