Resource Governor -- can it be part of the standard release?

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Folks, especially Microsoft people:


Can Resource Governor be made part of the standard release (i.e. not requiring the Enterprise license)?

At work, I saw a customer problem that could be resolved if we could use this, but most of our installations only use the standard release (apparently, it's MUCH more cost effective, especially for multiple independent installations, or where the customer has to pay).  Also, it seems to me that it would make SQL Server much more "sticky" -- i.e. much more useful, and therefore something developers would stick with and rely on.  The problem is treating interactive queries (Which should be fast) from "server" or computation queries (which can be slow, and take a while anyway).  Seems that even small installations or applications might benefit from being able to prioritize the various types of connections, i.e. what the database is being used for in each case.


If you're a user and agree, please post.  If you're someone from microsoft and agree, please post as well!  It would be good to get a bunch of people pushing for this.





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See Editions and supported features of SQL Server 2019 (15.x) => RDBMS scalability and performance


(I/O) Resource Governor is only available in Enterprise Edition.



What I'm advocating is that Microsoft change its releases (i.e. change its mind) so that it is included in the Standard licensed version.
And you may want to get such an Enterprise feature also in the free Express Edition?
You can post feature requests at Azure Feedback, see
Hmm - it's unclear where to provide feedback / feature requests on the SQL Server product itself, and not the Azure product or Documentation aspects. I'm not using Azure, just licensing the SQL Server via the Standard license (or perhaps via a site license, I'm not sure).