Recovering data using Database Transactional logs

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Dear Colleagues

We got  our SQL Server database running MS dynamics affected by Malware specifically the Medusa locker “ReadInstructions” malware.

The closest functional backup we have is November and we have got it running. The database (.mdf) was messed, However the Database Transactional log file (.ldf) are available and up to date.

Is there any way of recovering data using the transactional log file that are up to date?

Would appreciate any support.

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Hello @Ewere290 ,


In which recovery mode is the database?

You didn't mentioned any log backup, so it's mode "Simple"?



Dear Olafhelper,
It is in simple mode.

Then you have a problem.

As soon as a transaction gets committed, the data in log is marked as done (released) and will be overwritten by later transactions.


Without good backups I don't see a way to recover any lost data.