Re-creating log shipping - error message, how to bypass

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I want to re-instance log shipping between primary and standby.

I dropped db on standby and dropped jobs on standby.

Then ssms->Primary->Properties->Transaction Log shipping, dropped Secondary db links, adding connection to standby (init done by a backup on standby)

=> popup

Database [Site1].[MainDB] is configured as a secondary database in a log shipping configuration for primary database [Site2].[MainDB]. Do you want to overwrite the existing configuration?

=> I click OK and... nothing happens!!!!!


Why Why Why?

Also tried to create a script, and folders specified in backup ->restore options are not present in script... So script has to be adapted. How to?

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It seems that the user is experiencing an issue when re-instantiating log shipping between a primary and standby database. The user dropped the database on standby and the jobs on the standby, then went to the primary database properties and attempted to drop the secondary database links and add a connection to the standby database. However, when the user clicked "OK" on the prompt to overwrite the existing configuration, nothing happened.


My suggestion would be to ensure that both the primary and standby databases are properly configured for log shipping and that the required permissions are in place. Additionally, it may be helpful to check the SQL Server error log for any relevant error messages that could provide insight into why the configuration is not being overwritten.  [Link removed by admin]


Regarding the issue with the script, it may be necessary to manually adapt the script to include the required folders specified in the backup and restore options. It could also be helpful to review Microsoft's documentation on log shipping for additional guidance and best practices.