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I am an MSP that was brought in to help a client who is on life support.


They have an antiquated SQL database running on Windows Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000.  This is for an auto parts store that tried to ride the system until it died - and it is.


Anyway, the system has C: system drive (basic disk) and D: drive (dynamic disk) where the database is stored.  There is now i/o errors on the disk that prevent them from inputting new records and running some reports, etc.


Here are my questions:

  • Will converting from dynamic to basic hurt the drive?  I want to convert so I can use a separate machine running Win11 to create an image of the disk and backup data.
  • Will running chkdsk /f on the drive ruin the MDF?
  • Are there any suggestions, ideas or prayers of extracting the data successfully?
  • I have one good copy of the MDF from 9/24/23, can I use that to extract and port into a new solution?

I had ordered and hoped to clean the drive, make an image and replace in the old system long enough to port to new solution.


I'm reaching at straws as this system is about to tank and looking for any ideas to recover as much as possible to port into a cloud or SaaS solution.

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