Preview of Azure Arc enabled SQL Server is now available


We are making available the private preview of Azure Arc enabled SQL Server. The preview includes the following features:

  • Use the Azure Portal to register and track the inventory of your SQL Server instances across on-premises, edge sites, and multi-cloud in a single view.
  • Use Azure Security Center to produce a comprehensive report of vulnerabilities in SQL Servers and get advanced, real time security alerts for threats to SQL Servers and the OS.
  • Investigate threats in SQL Servers using Azure Sentinel.


You can register any Windows or Linux based SQL Server to track your inventory. Azure Security Center's advanced data security works on Windows-based SQL Server version 2012 or higher, running on virtual machines and physical servers and hosted on any infrastructure outside of Azure.


Here’s a video of the Arc enabled SQL Server experience with Azure Security Center.


If you are interested in participating in this preview, please fill out the sign-up form and select the option Server Management (SQL Server).

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