Performing Security Updates and Cumulative Updates on SQL Server AAG Nodes

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Hello SQL Expert,


1) There are two SQL nodes (pri and sec) on the primary site with AAG with synchronous replication between the two nodes.
2) There are two SQL nodes (pri and sec) on the backup site with SQL AAG with asynchronous replication between two site nodes.

3) There is a file share witness setup on a separate node on the primary site.


We want to perform a scheduled maintenance by doing the following,


1) Install Windows Security updates on the primary site SQL nodes followed by backup site nodes

2) Apply the Cumulative updates on all SQL nodes


Please advise whether we have to follow a sequence such as performing the Windows Security updates and Cumulative updates on the secondary SQL node first, perform restart and followed by primary SQL node with updates on the primary site.


Then, proceed with the backup site nodes.


Thank you, Anand

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