OLE DB Driver for SQL Server Azure Connection Problem

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I'm using V18.3 of the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server to connect to an Azure SQL Server Managed Instance and it has worked perfectly.  The connection string uses Active Directory Integrated Authentication.


My database now has a table containing the Xml field type.  I understand that the connection string needs to have the 'DataTypeCompatibility=80' property added.


However, when I add it, the connection fails immediately with "Timeout connecting to database (or database not reachable)".  The fail is instant, not after any connection timeout period.


The same approach to a bricks and mortar instance works fine.


I'd be hugely grateful if someone can advise what do I need to do to make the connection succeed with 'DataTypeCompatibility=80'?


Many thanks!





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OP here.  I think I found the explanation, but not the solution for why the OLE DB Driver for SQL Server fails to connect with 'DataTypeCompatibility=80' but connects without it.  See the 'Note' in the first purple box on this page:




I don't know enough about Azure to know if there is a workaround or setting for AD Authentication which would let me use the Xml field type with my ADO / OLE DB application. 


Any suggestions welcomed.