Not able to migrate on-premises sql server to Azure SQL Server using Azure data migration Services

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Hello All!


I am not able to connect to local SQL Server(On-premises) in Azure database migration service.


Steps that we followed:

  1. First, we enable the TCP/IP protocol and set the port number.
  2. Then we added that port to the inbound rule under Windows defender Firewall.
  3. After this we restarted the SSMS services.
  4. After this we created Azure Database migration services and during creation of this services, we have created new virtual network.
  5. After creating new services, we created new project and source information is throwing error for Server instance name. In Server instance name I have given Public Ip address and aslo tried with port no.

I have also attached error screenshots for your reference. Please let me know in case of any queries.

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@saurabh704 not sure if it is just me but I can't see your screenshots?


Did you check if you have añ IP address that is visible from the outside and not just one of those internal ones like 192.168.... ?