Need help to review a serializability implementation for MySQL Cluster

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Hey guys,

I've developed a serializability implementation for MySQL Cluster(NDB Cluster) and you are invited to peer-review it for me. I believe it is the fifth one in commercial database systems after: MySQL InnoDB's
2PL, PostgreSQL's Serializable Snapshot Isolation, Google's Spanner's isolation level(I gave a proof in Appendix D of my article, the google guys
may not have known this), CockroachDB's timestamp-based serializability implementation. The aim is to solve consistent, large(usually implies
a distributed architecture) and performance-boosted database applications, which is daunting for those who care about consistency and
serializability. This solution to the serializability problem is a 2nd-tier one, which means it doesn't require any coding. So as long as you can
manage a MySQL Cluster, you can readily deploy and test your application with it.


This on-going project is hosted @
I also set up a discussion site @, besides that of github's


I am posting here hoping to meet those who care about consistency and serializability.


Come check it out if you are interested. Your help is highly appreciated!

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This is a Microsoft forum; MySQL isn't a Microsoft product. Do your advertisement somewhere else.

The subsection 'Durability of consistency' will be pushed up in a few days!

The subsection 'Durability of consistency' has just been pushed up to my github site. Serializability guarantees consistency only if application execution finishes. This subsection, on the other hand, deals with various failure scenarios during execution: system-wide crash, replication failure, split-brained situation. I am trying to provide more confidence to MySQL Cluster users who are willing to adopt my method.