Microsoft has Sabotaged Sql Server in Spanish Language committing a Serious Fraud

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Sql Server with Transact and synonyms Sabotaged. Microsoft does not respond. 


Microsoft offers Sql Server that includes TSQl with "Full Text" for various languages, including the Spanish language. Everywhere it is indicated that the product is fully functional. Nowhere is it indicated that the product is limited for any language.

I work for years in a program and I find that the product is actually locked and sabotaged.

I explain it to Microsoft repeatedly for years and nobody responds. "We are happy to assist you." Explain it here and there, they tell me repeatedly. And I repeatedly answer that I have already done so. But everything is a great mockery to pretend that they do something, when in reality they do nothing.

Does anyone think it's decent to act in such a hateful and dirty way?
What do they gain by acting this way?

I am thinking of suing Microsoft and asking for millionaire compensation for the damage they are causing me.




It's me just working. The program I have done is very large and is intended for Sql Server and TSQL with "Full Text Search". Now I am finishing what I call "version 2" that I hope to market soon. It contains many tables and information. Many functions are very large and complex. There is a complex internal plot. I cannot assume to transform the program for another platform.


In addition to the program, I have made two websites that perform the same functions. One of the websites contains additional screens such as tickets. In addition, I have made two programs for information processing, format conversion and insertion into the database in Sql Server and Full Text format.

It is also that, as I explain, it is a fraud by Microsoft. If you want to limit something, you can do it, but you have to state it clearly from the first moment. It cannot be admitted that they say nothing and that they offer it pompously for a set of languages ​​and that people get to work on a product that, over time, will verify that it is intentionally sabotaged.

And if they were wrong, why don't they solve it?

What are they looking for? Many people work at Microsoft, have many resources and can solve the problem quickly and in a friendly way.

What do you look for with this bad attitude, when you have all to lose? Because it is a serious fraud.

Do you think that this situation will improve over time if you keep quiet? That's not gonna happen.




I have found several important bugs in Sql Server 2017 Transact T-Sql in Spanish language. I think they have intentionally blocked or damaged the software to not export non-english technology.

I have created some videos that show it, but Microsoft does not respond. What can be done?

To reproduce these problems, it is as easy as introducing with the notebook some Spanish synonyms, like the synonyms that are shown in the videos.

The failure of the sudden increase of memory is reproduced by introducing the English synonyms and adding some Spanish, if they do not have them, like those that appear in the videos. I offer to try the update with the real synonyms.

It hurts me because I have been working on something for a long time and I find that these failures make the effort useless. If the software is blocked, they must notify it first, so as not to harm those who use it.

I reproduce again the text that I have shared for more two years.

Read Text


My email is I would like to contact someone who uses T-Sql with synonyms because I do not know anyone and I have been working on a project for a long time.

Because of the failures that I have found and that I show in the videos, I would also very much like to be able to talk with the Microsoft developers to explain well what is happening and that they can solve it. If you know of any contact, I would appreciate it if you would indicate it.
Thank you

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