Management studio is very slow when right clicking an object explorer item by speech recognition

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I am physically disabled and operate my computer, using Dragon 16 voice recognition software.

Yes, most of the software that I need to use at work, is to some degree not compatible with Dragon but I usually make it work. I have been using speech recognition to do my job for over 30 years.

Recently, I have had to start working with a database that has many tables and stored procedures. Unfortunately, this makes Dragon go very slow. I have discovered how to speed up Dragon, by basically telling Dragon not to try and analyse what is on the screen. This however has the side-effect of Dragon not automatically adding commands (for example, once I right click a table, I should be able to just say the name of the menu item I want to click-but this functionality no longer works as a consequence of disabling this option that speeds up Dragon).


My logic was to add my own commands to Dragon. For example, to open a table, I highlight the table, in the object Explorer and then say [open table]. This command presses Shift+F10 then W. It works but the frustrating aspect is that Shift+F10, to open the context menu, takes about 10 seconds. It is equally slow if you do it by the mouse or keyboard. This operation can be speeded up if I unload Dragon but unfortunately that is not an option for me.

I know this is a long shot but any suggestions?


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Hi @Wheels496,

I am not familiar with Dragon, but I can tell you that SSMS could take several seconds just to expand all the tables/procedures, etc. A way to speed up could be filtering so it does not returns all the objects

Another suggestion is to try Azure Data Studio instead of SSMS. For certain operations is faster