Linked Server with Azure Active Directory Authentication

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I've created a linked server to another SQL Server (target database) using Azure Active Directory Authentication but the below error occurs. 



However, I'm able login to the target database using the same credential, from SQL Server Management Studio



I'm quite new to this. Can anyone help, pls. Thanks!


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@BooBooTrains , I see "MSOLEDBSQL" provider in the error message.

Which version are you using? Older versions don't support AAD auth.


Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server - OLE DB Driver for SQL Server | Microsoft Learn



Hi Olaf,

Thanks for the reply! I've downloaded and installed the driver but still gets the same error. I've read from the documentation that SQLOLEDB is deprecated but not MSOLEDBSQL. Is it due to my misunderstanding as I'm not familiar in this area? I'm only familiar with SQL and trying to reference to a database on a different server