Linked Server - MySQL to SQL - Errors in one SQL version but not in other

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In one instance, I have a SQL Server on v12.0.6214.1 connected to a MySQL Linked Server via the connector v8.0.28. It works just fine via OpenQuery. The reason I'm using v8.0.28 for the connector is due to the fact that the character set doesn't play nicely with other, newer versions (known bug). 


I'm testing another server with the same setup, only it's on SQL v15.0.4280.7. I constantly get metadeta inconsistency errors via the OpenQuery I use on the older server. I've tried modifying the original MySQL view to fix these issues which has been working, but now I'm at a standstill with a LENGTH error on one field. Every time I fix one error, another pops up. I also don't understand why these errors occur in my new setup but not in the older one. I've been told by my vendor (for the MySQL database) that there appears to be a change in the way OpenQuery works between the two SQL Server versions and MySQL. 


Does anyone know details about this change and any workarounds that don't involve completely redoing my initial MySQL views? 

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