Keep Connected Objects when starting new session in MSSMS?

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I am usually connected to one Object, which appears automatically whenever I start MSSMS, but recently I've started using a secondary Object. I can be connected to both in one session, and can run queries on either, but I lose one of them when I close the program.


The next time I start MSSMS again, only one of them will show up, and I have to re-connect to the other one.


Is there a way to make sure both Objects are connected to each time I start the program?

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"Both objects"? Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with "objects" here? Object explorer or ..?



On the Objects Explorer, it shows which databases you're connected to. The censored one in the screenshot below.


It only keeps one connection after I close the program, whereas I routinely use two, so would like to keep both on program restart.


Screenshot 2024-04-02 091423.png

@Sevoris , that's the normal behaviour of SSMS, but for a quick access you can use Register Servers - SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) | Microsoft Learn

you have to check that your instance is still in the system,
should expand '<browse for more>' in SSMS and expand 'database Engine' ;where might appear the instance you wanted.