JDBC security issue - Could not establish a secure connection between Java and SQL server on Windows

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Hi Everybody.

I am struggling with this issue i am trying to install a proprietary software to publish websites content (sorry cant mention the name but it is related to a CMS), and i get an issue of SSL for JDBC

It is a though cookie for me.

My situation is the following one:

-WINDOWS 2016 (didn't check the security updates installed but i can try to check in details)

- SQL server 2014 - base 12.0.2000

- Jdk (now i have the JDK 11 temurin)

- Apache Tomcat 9.0.78

- JDBC driver (i tried many, now i am trying with) 6.0.8112.100 

I attached the error message in the present discussion.

The database user connected to my software has all the required permissions granted.

In Tomcat, Server.xml is set to normal 8080 connector for HTTP/1.1 (SSL is not set)

I wonder why it checks my SSL seetings?

I dont get if this has to do with SQL server settings, Java Settings or Windows Settings.

And of course during the software installation i did not choose to use SSL.

Any idea? Do i have to install any additional package in SQL server?

But the thing is that in another vCloud, i have same software installed with same SQL server version

in that  case Java is 15 but i also tried with the  same settings of that environment, in this faulty one, (Java version ,jdbc version), but no change. Issue persists.jdbc_security_error.JPG

If you need other details just ask, thanks advance


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