Is this a good SharePoint SQL Backup and Maintenance Plan Strategy?

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Hi all


Looking for some guidance. Setting up SharePoint SQL Backups for the first time and maintenance plans. Is this a good strategy in general even if there is no company policy yet defined?


Environment has 2 SQLs VMs on a Microsoft Failover Cluster hosted split over 2 ESXi hosts connected to a SAN. (Cluster Shared Volume in use for SQL Data, SQl Log and SQL Backup volume).


General DB Maintenance Task

  • Check Database Integrity (All databases include indexes)
  • Rebuild indexes (All databases, tables, views, orig amount of free space)
  • Update Statistics Task (Full scan all DB and tables and views, existing statistics)
  • History Clean Up Task (Backup Job and Maintenance plan. Age older than 4 weeks)
  • Maintenance Cleanup of Reports (Age older than 4 weeks)

12:01AM Sunday

Full Backup  - (compress, backup set expires after 14 days).

Databases (All)

Weekly - 1AM Sunday

Differential Backup  - (compress, backup set expires after 7 days)

Databases (All except Master and Tempdb)

Daily - 2AM excl Sunday

Transaction Backup  - (compress, backup set expires after 1 day)

Databases (Content, SharePoint_Config and SharePoint_AdminContent)

Daily - Every 15 Minutes

Full Backup cleanup

Weekly - 2:30AM Sunday

Diff Backup cleanup

Weekly - 3AM Sunday

Log backup cleanup

Daily - 4 AM


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