is there any method to write data into ssas tabular model database?

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Is there a way to write table data into the SSAS tabular model? The background is to test the feasibility of the source data (middle office) to push data of database into the SSAS database by scheduling jobs, and if it is feasible, I want to remove the intermediate database (currently the middle office-intermediate database-SSAS) and change it to the middle office-SSAS, the middle office will have resource contention, and stabilize the use of resources by scheduling the job.

I know ssas tabular model is a olap database, then Can OLAP databases be added, deleted, or modified like OLTP databases?

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@杰克逊1300 , sorry, but for me your post/question is more the unclear.

To bring data in a multidimensional or tabular cube, you have to process the cube; taht's the only way.


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