Increase file size in sql server

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I am new for sql server . I got insufficient disk space for PRIMARY filegroup. Is it ok I modify file size for 4 files in the filegroup?  




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The error message is Could not allocate a new page for database x because of insufficient disk space in filegroup ‘primary’
A reason could be running out of disk space but also the database autogrowth settings could be configured as NONE so if there is free space you will get that error
See this link to understand how to change this setting as well as best practices
Thank you Javier. Previous dba set auto grow is none and I was told not to change it . I checked with OS admin we have enough physical disk space.
I am trying to do is change database file property initial size from 250 mb to 300 mb manually. Is it ok or should I try to rebuild some clustered indexes? Thanks.
300 MB is nowadays really small and you worry about disk space?
Change the database size to 1 GB or more.

Hi @HLi2023

glad you found the root cause. As for which value you should set the value the answer is depends .basically you do not want to set it small because having the db growing constantly is not a good practice because expanding the file will cause IO operations that not ideal in the middle of the business day. And too big could eventually fill up the disk if you are running with low disk space. You have to monitor the data grow rate and decide (you can set a value now and adjust it after monitoring )

hope it helps



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