i doing SQL tuning in Company databases but i don't know where to start

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i am doing SQL tuning in Company databases but i dont know where to start as i am new in DBA i joined new company where they have lots of databases, and it issue with databases, can anyone help me where to i start what should be step
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As a newer, it’s really difficult to start. But in fact, database tuning is not a easy topic to describe shortly. If you would like to spend time to dig in it, please have a look for those links that replied by previous expert. 

Otherwise, I think I can give you some tips to get direction:

1. Clarify why does the tuning need to be done: ex: transactions work slowly, specific report runs slowly,...etc.

2. Gathering the data via SQL profiler and assigns the target database, tables...

3. Analyzing the data via SQL server optimizing tool: this tool can show you the suggestions for you. 
4. Choose the appropriate suggestion and then turn the target manually: Please DO NOT applies tuning suggestion via optimizing tool because you cannot realize what to be changed. 

The tips above are just give you a direction to start. Hope it is useful for you.