How to Table design track each activity in Web Application

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For Example :

Take the  User Module. The user module has below fields

  1. UserName
  2. DOB
  3. Certification - Multiple
  4. Project - Multiple 
  5. Status of user - Active or Inactive 

We need  log  for

  • when the User created ,
  • Who is created ,
  • While creating howmany certification 
  • If removed the certification 
    • When removed 
    • who is removed 
  • If Added certification 
    • When Added 
    • What added 
    • Whos is added 

We need that kind of log . So how design table structure for this requirement in SQL Server 

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@Rajendran_SPT  do you able to understand the question. If not I will need rephrase it the content