How to stop auditing of a certain event

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We currently have millions of the following log being spammed in Event Viewer, application logs. This log itself is not very useful in our opinion so we would like to stop it being generated but we cannot find a way to stop it individually without stop logging other useful SQL audit logs in EventID 33205.


The log: 

network protocol: TCP/IP set quoted_identifier on set arithabort off set numeric_roundabort off set ansi_warnings on set ansi_padding on set ansi_nulls on set concat_null_yields_null on set cursor_close_on_commit off set implicit_transactions off set language us_english set dateformat mdy set datefirst 7 set transaction isolation level read committed  additional_information:<action_info xmlnsl


Any way to we could stop logging of this? or where to look at?


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You have correctly identified this as a SQL Audit event.
Which means it's from an audit configured on the SQL Server instance.

Ask your DBA to check the Server Audit Specifications, and verify if you need auditing of "SUCCESFUL_LOGIN_GROUP".
Thanks for the reply. I have just looked into the documentation you linked and it seems SUCCESSFUL _LOGIN_GROUP covers all login events. Which I assume would cover the login events from the actual users as well, not just the event above. We can't disable it, so we will look into other possibilities