How to import data in SQL server from excel

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Hello Experts

I am trying to import data from Excel to SQL server table using OPENROWSET and it gives me below error.

Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine”


I'm using above provider in my code, can someone also correct me if I am using correct provider or I need to use different to read data from Excel?

My Excel file is placed on Azure storage account and I am using UNC path to read data in SQL script



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would you try to import the excel into SQL server using SQL server Import And Export Data Console Window.


My Excel file is placed on Azure storage account 

ACE data provider don't support Azure storages.

Thanks @olafhelper,
So could you please suggest me a workaround?
How I can read data from Excel using OPENROWSET in SQL MI ?

could you provide the script you used.
I am using
Select * from oenrowset( provider name and path of Excel file)