How to export Sql Server 2014 installation parameters?

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Hey guys, this is my first conversation in the community. I hope to be clear about my question. So, I just want to know if I can export the settings from Sql Server 2014, to install again using just the command prompt. Does anyone know if I can, if I can how?
I want to use like this:
Thanks for so far!

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@Chrcastilho One can install SQL server from command prompt, if you know the exact parameters you want to install with. such as the server engine, Analysis service etc.


You can also copy the configuration file that will keep the settings of the previously installed server, this can also be used to deploy the server with the exact same settings. You can find more information about this here >>> 


i hope this helps.

Hi Christian, Yes, you can exports the settings of already installed instance. you can query sys.configurations to capture the current configuration parameters/values. But if your question is about if you can use command prompt to install sql server. The answer is yes, you can refer to Thanks Hemantgiri Goswami