How to evaluate a database

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A user has requested a report to shed some light on what is happening in the databases on a sql server in order to determine what is causing slow processing time. We need to evaluate databases on a server. Looking for possible errors corruption, table issues etc.  Any help on scripts that I can run or tools would be appreciated.

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Take a look at our (free) 4 Steps to Faster SQL Server Applications short course. It should help you start:

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You are welcome to share the free course in the SQL Server 2022 group on Facebook :smile:

Please do not use it for the paid course or to self-promotion.

Seems sad, given it's both free and covers exactly what he's asking about. But ok, works for me.

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You can start with sp_Blitz, Free SQL Server Health Check Script written by Brent Ozar.
Check this tutorial and download the script here:
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