How does views in database improve it's performance. Is quering between views create good performan

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I'm working on an application where I have the following doubt:

1. Does a view improve the performance of DB ?(Was unable to understand  even after reading the below reference)

2. In case I create 2 views and run a join query between them, will it affect the performance of the DB ?

3. I'm using Azure SQL DB for this project


Reference : 



Any help on this is greatly appreciated!!




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@blackbaron , a view is just a predefined query (like a macro) and has no effect on performance.

You can create an index on a view, but there are several limitations.

Better create index on the base table instead on a view; so that ad-hoc queries can also benefit of the index.

Thanks @olafhelper :)
This answer gave me a direction. Hoping to see some other viewpoints too