How can I remove the extra spaces in Microsoft SQL Server 2022 desktop in the results grid?

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There is a massive space between columns in the results tab, I had to reduce the zoom to 50% to get two columns in the screen at once. Please help me in eliminating this space.




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Try using "Results to Grid" instead of what you have now, which is "Results to Text".




If you prefer that format, you can then set it as the default format for future queries from under the Tools | Options menu item, under Query Results:







@RakhalM that's not "results grid", it's the "Result to text" output and that's how it looks like; like a fix width CSV.

Change it to "Result to Grid", see SSMS Query Editor - SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) | Microsoft Learn => "Result to ..." section.

Under the Query window, You need to right-click on the query and select "Result to Grid" as you may have an option "result to text" selected.