how can i get begin balance before search date?

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how can i create store producer to get supplier balance like this example

in the first row the begin balance before the date search and all data after the date search whith current balance

nullnullnullnull-5064.50Balance Before this date  
184100011000.000.00-4064.50a14/06/2019 00:00
185100012000.000.00-1064.50a14/06/2019 00:00
186100011000.000.00-1064.50a14/06/2019 00:00
1891000164.500.00-1000.00a14/06/2019 00:00
191100012000.000.001000.00a16/06/2019 00:00
190100011000.000.002000.00a22/06/2019 00:00
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