Error using SQL Server 2012 and SSMS

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While using MSSQL, the SQL Server service was interrupted, so I was unable to log in to the local host, so I faced the problem of data conversion and storage being stopped.

What is the cause of this error and what is the solution??

I think it is assumed that this is a problem that occurs after adding the operation of converting data stored in PI OLEDB to a specific table by operating the stored procedure.

I am using 4 procedures at 1 minute intervals, and I registered the scheduler to set each procedures to run every 5 minutes.

The version of SQL Server is 2012.

Log information is "The .NET Framework common language runtime was terminated by user code, such as a user-defined function or CLR type. Environment Exit cannot be used to end a process. To return an integer to indicate an error, use a scalar function or output parameter instead. "

Log information is " The local host server is not running. "


Please give me solution please


---------Translation ENG to KOR ----------------

MSSQL 사용중 SQL 서버 서비스가 중단되면서 로컬호스트로의 로그인이 불가능해 데이터 컨버전 및 저장이 중단되는 현상으로 인한 문제에 직면했습니다.

이런 오류가 발생하는 원인과 그 해결방법에는 어떤 것이 있을까요 ??

저장 프로시저를 동작시켜 PI OLEDB에 저장된 데이터를 특정 Table에 컨버전시키는 동작을 추가한 이후 발생하는 문제로 추측하고 있습니다.

프로시저를 4개를 1분 간격을 두고 사용중이며, 스케줄러를 등록해 5분마다 동작하도록 설정했습니다.

SQL 서버의 버전은 2012입니다.

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Windows event viewer's event ID is '6537'