Error number 2812 Store procedure not found

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Hi Expert,


Have migrated database 'northwind' from Server A to Server B

Server A Configuratioun- ms sql server 2012 developer edition  64 bit  windows nt 6.1  build 9200

Server b configuration -ms sql server 2012 standard edition  64 bit  windownt 6.2  service pack 1 hypervisor

I am able to run the store procedure on server B  exec sp_northwind_test but unable to pull into application getting error

Error number 2812 Store procedure sp_northwind_test not found





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both collation is same  latin1_general_ci_as

@Shree2280, is this a theoretical question? Your application uses the old "Northwind" database? And the name of the SP ist "test"?




No facing issues after db migration .Database is just for an example. no issues with db on  new server but when connecting with .net application getting above error  Error number 2812 Store procedure not found

Is your application connecting to the right database on the new SQL Server?

A login can have a default database, where the login connects first to. Better is to address the database to use in connection string with property "Initial Catalog"; is that property set and this to the right database?



yes it is connecting to TABLES but not Store procedures


<add name="WebService" connectionString="data source=db01_server ;Password=j^^^^^ ;User ID=sTest_a;initial catalog=WebService;integrated security=False;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" providerName="SQLNCLI11" />