Error message "KEYSET DOES NOT EXIST" when inserting new node in Windows failover cluster.

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This is a two (2) nodes Windows Failover Cluster on MS Azure cloud with a SQL Server 2014 Always-On Availability Group running on it. We need to insert 3rd node in the Failover Cluster (and the Always-On AG). When trying to insert new node (using Failover Cluster Manager on one of the existing nodes), I get this error message: "KEYSET DOES NOT EXIST". I have read some posts that this is related to permissions on directory "C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\CRYPTO\RSA\MACHINEKEYS\" and its contents and I have followed advice to modify these permissions - but this did not solve the problem.


Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas would be appreciated.



Panos Tsapralis.

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